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At The Social Craft we believe every brand has a unique design, texture, colour, and pattern, much like a thumb print. We give your brand the ability to create & curate its story by making a mark on your audience and amplifying your message to the world, digitally.

We are a specialist digital Corporate & Employer branding agency.

We develop brands, build their digital footprint and turn social into sale.

The Digital World

The Digital World

With the digital world taking over the way we engage with candidates or customers and how brands portray themselves through various online channels, it's now so critical that a brand understands the potential and excitement available by leveraging all the incredible digital channels to tell their special & unique brand story.


How is your brand leveraging the power of digital platforms, creative content and a strong brand value proposition whether it be for an employer, consumer or business to business brand?

Our Sevices

Our Services

Where brand, experience & technology meet and The Social Craft is born.


Create Your Brand Story

Thumb stopping brands are built with clear ideas of how they’re going to change the world. In order to build a sustainable brand of purpose that has an impact, we need to create or curate and strengthen your current brand.  Being able to articulate its clear unique selling point is just as important as how it looks, behaves, sounds and lives in society. What do you want to achieve with your brand and how do you create an objective based strategy to support your ambitions?

How is your brand going to change the world and society it lives in?



Curate Your Touch Points 

We all know a brands best asset is its ambassadors. How do we curate your brand experience and let it live in your champions and influencers?

Being able to create a brand experience means you’re able to influence your customers and stakeholders through the experience and touch points your brand lives in. How are you currently creating an impactful experience through your people, stakeholders or digital tool kit that is authentic to your brand and strategy?



Amplify to Markets that Matter

What good is your brand if no one knows about it? In the age in which our brands are meant to thrive, they cannot do this without a digital strategy using technology and the tools available. Creating the right tech mix and omni channel platform strategy is how we deliver and amplify your message to the world.

After being created and curated then gets channeled to the world across platforms where your audience live & engage, this is the science of the craft and how we turn your social brand message into a sale or conversion.



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Personal Branding For Beginners

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The big M word

Our Footprint is Global

Hear more about how we've made an impact!


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Our Footprint is Global

Hear more about how we've made an impact!

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Hello There.HEIC

Hello There!

I'm Samantha, the Founder of The Social Craft.

I am passionate about changing the world with creativity and branding! For the past 8 years I have found myself not only entering the typical world of consumer branding, but rather specialising in the particular art of employer and corporate branding. With experience in marketing, brand development, media buying, content strategy & digital transformation across 5 countries my unique mix of skills can turn your brand from social into sale. A brand is worthless if you’re not connecting and creating relationships with your target market...

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